July 31


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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A complex business issue discussion group with professionals who focus on assisting business clients that are going through difficult times with issues such as business contraction, litigation, technology or competition, changes in laws or regulations, employer/employee relations, finance, tax policy, or creditor and/or debt-related challenges.
We seek a highly successful and experienced group of professionals. Invited attendees include Commercial and Business Litigation Attorneys, Business Valuation Specialists, Tax Attorneys, Business Forensic Accountants, Traditional Business Accountants, Employment Attorneys, Transactional Attorneys, and other professionals who service businesses and business owners.
The professionals will come to get ideas on how to handle issues that their clients are facing from professionals in various practice areas. This will allow each of us to think and learn outside of our own expertise and better serve our respective clients.
1. Round of very brief introductions where each professional can share the strengths they have in providing advice to businesses and business owners during their most challenging times.
2. We invite you to share a situation with a current or prospective client where you feel that feedback from the group could be beneficial.
3. We ask each person to share specific names of professionals, groups, organizations, or events that others at the table would appreciate learning about. We discuss ideas and commitments to follow up after the meeting to have 1-on-1 meetings, make introductions, and send invitations.
– Please test your use of Zoom software prior to the meeting. You can sign up for a free account.
– Please do not log in past 12:05 PM EST
– Please use your mute button when not speaking.
– Monthly on the last Wednesday.
– The discussion is moderated for the effective use of everyone’s time and to preserve client confidentiality
– 12 PM to 1:30 PM EST. Please arrive early as we will start right on time and late arrivals will disrupt the meeting. We end the group discussion promptly at 1:30 PM so people may leave to their next meeting or stay to talk further informally.
– Please do not attend if you need to leave early.
– Please do not attend if you need to arrive late.
– Submit suggestions for issues to discuss and new guests to

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