About The Referral Navigator

The Referral Navigator (TRN) provides assessments, business development planning, tools to track activity and results, training and train-the-trainer programs, strategy, and systems for business growth. TRN systems work together with your current systems to help you grow your team and acquire new clients and customers with referral relationships. As companies who have built their business on referrals and “word-of-mouth” want to achieve the next level of success, TRN has the experience and wisdom to identify the tactics and methods with the most effective results to bring on your best new clients and partners.
TRN system focuses the action plan for your company to acquire new customers and partners. We determine the most effective use of your resources (time, energy, relationships, money) and then put those resources to work towards your goals. We will lay out the specific steps your team will take in activities including phone calls, meetings, interviews, networking events, speaking opportunities, and written communication. The system clarifies realistic expectations and creates opportunity for continuous improvement. Most importantly, we work together to implement your action plan. We plan and practice the most important referral conversations, review successes and setbacks, adjust the plan, celebrate small victories and goal achievement, and work through the entire process above as a cycle.
Clients regularly benefit from a cultural transformation to become truly focused on the referral relationships which provide the highest return on investment.
Law firms, for example, are often grown on the efforts of a small percentage of their team who create a large percentage of origination, the rain-makers. The Referral Navigator will help to assess the skill, will, and resources of individual attorneys and improve the accountability, organization, specific action plans, and culture of the attorneys and their team. This focus, discipline, methodology, and the use of cloud-based software for simple and effective tracking, leads to a higher quality and quantity of origination. The attorneys that are the biggest rainmakers make huge improvements and the team diversifies and expands the number of people contributing to origination.
Attorneys and Financial professionals in tax, investments, finance and insurance are often eager to expand the return on investment they make into travel and entertainment, organizations and association memberships, speaking opportunities and professional networking relationships. They want their clients and professionals outside their firms to refer more often and to more qualified leads.