April 19


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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JD Networking Group Virtual Meeting

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Meeting ID: 2642502750

Please test your use of Zoom software prior to the meeting. Please know how to use the participants panel to raise or lower your hand. Please know how to use the Chat box to send messages to the whole group or privately.

Please arrive early. Please do not log in past 12:05 PM EST. Please do not log in if you need to leave early.

Please use your mute button when not speaking.

This group is exclusively for JD degree holders.

Our topic and theme for the month of April:

Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Insurance and Finance

Our Agenda

1. Introductions including the strengths of each attendee in Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Insurance and Finance.

2. Stories and confessions of negative decision examples, mistakes and challenges related to Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Insurance and Finance.

3. Recommendations, advice, and action planning for more successful Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Insurance and Finance.

4. Review and plan to help each other with introductions and one-on-one meetings.

Our Purpose is to build business relationships, share ideas, and create the foundation for professional referrals. We invite Juris Doctor degree holders (JD’s) who are practicing attorneys and Juris Doctor degree holders (JD’s) working in other professions and fields of business. Only Juris Doctor degree holders (JD’s) are permitted to attend.

Our Vision is a dynamic, high-level, ethical, and productive group of JD’s having an open discussion. Each attendee will leave the meeting with an invitation to a new group or event or an introduction to at least one new prospective client or professional referral source.

Our Mission is to purposefully share information about ourselves as people, business goals, best practices for business growth, and then help each other make connections.

Our Goal is to have attendees invite trusted and respected JD’s who are attorneys, professional advisors, business owners with multiple employees, leaders in the community, and corporate executives to be guests.

JD Networking Group Diversity. We have a solid group of JDs in a variety of categories. JDNG focuses of course on attorneys and more uniquely on JD degree holders who work in other fields of business. The diversity of ideas and experiences makes the group dynamic and conversations more engaging.