We focus on M&A, Debt, and Equity Corporate Finance deals ranging from $10 million to $99 million. Hence, "Figure Eight" deals.


We hold monthly meetings to discuss recent and current transactions, the professional firms involved, tools and resources to use, business development strategy, and future trends. Attendees can benefit by sharing ideas and strategies while expanding and deepening their professional relationships.


We invite core members in:

1. Corporate Finance and M&A Law

2. Investment Banking

3. CPA firm Transaction Advisory Services

Other firm categories are welcome to attend and include but are not limited to: private equity, business brokers, wealth management, commercial insurance, alternative finance, commercial banking, and family office.


No more than one member firm from each professional category in each of the following primary regions:

New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Austin, TX
Chicago, IL
Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA
Denver, CO
Phoenix, AZ
Charlotte, NC
Boston, MA
Toronto, CN

We welcome attendees from any other region as well.

Monthly video conference meeting

Second Wednesday of each month:

12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET)



per month


 First two meetings are complimentary.


per month

Sponsorships limited to one per category

 First two meetings are complimentary.


John Poppe

Investment Banking

Co-Founding Partner

MidCap Advisors, LLC

James F. Davidson

Transactional Advisory Services

Managing Director & President

Avant Advisory Group


We invite core members in:

1. Corporate Transactional M&A Lawyers.

2. Investment Bankers.

3. CPA firm Transactional Advisory / M&A Specialists.

Professionals in private equity, business brokerage, wealth management, commercial insurance, alternative finance, commercial banking, and other areas. They are not the focus of the conversations yet can still benefit from membership.

This is a professionally moderated group discussion. We will follow a past, present, and future model. First we discuss closed deals briefly, then most of the meeting focuses on current deals, then we wrap up discussing future trends and opportunities.

Meetings, follow up emails, Linkedin access, and category exclusivity in your region. e.g. a corporate M&A attorney from San Francisco will be the only corporate M&A attorney from the “region” north to the next region in Portland and south to the next region in Los Angeles.

Sponsors limited to 1 per category for the group. For example, there would be only one sponsor firm that does Investment Banking. The sponsor firms’ images and details are featured in the promotional materials for the events in emails, calendar invitations, event registration pages, the website and Linkedin.

How others are structuring transactions, latest trends and developments in legal issues, changes in loan terms, market updates, changes in multiples, new financing products, hybrid securities, the Rep & Warranty Insurance marketplace, tax structures, software and tools, estate planning issues.


Please contact Jeff Tockman, JD/MBA, the group meeting moderator, with questions or to be a guest.

Jeff has moderated over 2,500 events for legal, financial, and tax firms over the last 20 years.